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Qualls sentencing hearing moved back to July

Sentencing for William R. Qualls, 47, River Falls,  for felony stalking was pushed back to July 7 upon agreement of both attorneys and Judge Joe Boles during a hearing Monday afternoon at the Pierce County Courthouse in Ellsworth.

Qualls had pleaded guility to the charge back in 2011 but the sentence was deferred upon agreement with the state pending time to be served on misdemeanor charges Qualls had pled guilty to that same year such as battery, carrying a concealed weapon, and violating a domestic abuse order. He served six months jail on those charges.

Qualls was arrested by the River Falls police for violating his parole agreement back on Jan. 16. He has been in the custody of the Dunn County Jail in Menomonie and was transferred over for today's hearing.  Because of the violation of parole agreement, his bond was revoked.

The misdemeanors came up again in the sentencing hearing this afternoon. Qualls attorney Kathy Kelm argued no notice was given to her about them and felt Qualls had a right to a pre-sentence investigation on those charges. Assistant Pierce County District attorney William Thorie argued Qualls had no such statutory right and that such an investigation would serve no purpose given the extensive file on the case and a letter given to the court from his most recent ex-wife.

Judge Boles stated that the record showed "no meaningful rehabilitaion" took place for Qualls after his jail sentence and that he was a "danger" to the safety of his ex-wives and to the protection of the public.