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Excuses, excuses: Police get on with ... Just the facts, ma’am

 A city of River Falls woman 34-year-old woman arrested for marijuana use at home said she didn’t want her name in the paper because she was a "prominent member" of the community.

The arresting officer said sorry, all law enforcement actions are subject to open public records.

The woman was picked up at her home on Cemetery Road Friday night, April 25. Police were at her address because they were trying to find the owner of a pickup truck that was driving wildly into River Falls from Beldenville.

Police also:

--Pursued and caught two local 19 year-old men for skipping out on their $25 lunch fare at West Wind Supper Club, 709 N. Main St., last Wednesday, April 23.

The server there said one of the men complained the food was spicy, held his stomach and went for the bathroom. Soon both were seen running out the door to their truck in the back parking lot.

The truck wouldn’t start at first, then shot across the grass and over the curb to St. Croix Street, heading south.

Restaurant staff got a vehicle description and license number.

One of the suspects later interviewed said he ran out on the tab because he forgot his debit card.

Asked by an officer if there was a more civilized way to settle his debt, and the man allegedly agreed that he and his friend blew it.

Each was given a $250 municipal citation.

--Arrested a 32-year-old Oakdale, Minn., woman for shoplifting a crystal necklace and Aviator Sports sunglasses at ShopKo last week Monday afternoon, April 21.

The woman said she merely stepped outside for a smoke and planned to return to the store to pay for the merchandise, which she was already wearing with the price tags removed.

Because there was a Minnesota warrant for her arrest, she was taken to county jail besides being given a $187 municipal citation.

There is more of course. Please see Police Beat in the May 1 print edition of the River Falls Journal.