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Don’t do that! Disorderly suspect tries giving chocolate treat to kitty

 A 35-year-old local man was cited for disorderly conduct and bail jumping Friday night, April 18, for an incident at Puff Puff Glass Shop, 121 S. Main St.

A female store clerk said the man was acting weird, stumbling around, saying he was an alcoholic and then taking a brownie from a tray to feed a cat inside.

The man was told not to give chocolate to the kitty and asked to leave.

He did but soon came back. This time the clerk called 911.

The man left again but was arrested by River Falls police after using the bathroom at nearby Coach’s Bar.

The man, forcibly handcuffed, allegedly asked if his arrest was due to having sex with underage girls.

He allegedly also made ethnic slurs, talked about white supremacy and claimed to be a law enforcement officer.

It was learned that he was out on bail in St. Croix County.

For the disorderly conduct and bailing jumping incident in Pierce County, he was taken to county jail in Ellsworth.

Police also:

--Pulled over a 56-year-old Hastings, Minn., man for a traffic stop at Main Street and Cemetery Road after 3 a.m. Saturday, April 19, before it ended up being a drug arrest.

The man didn’t have a driver’s license. He was driving the car of a friend who lives in Prescott.

After a search of the Hastings’ man’s belongings in the car, police say they recovered some meth, marijuana, prescription pills and meth pipes.

Certain evidence was sent to the state crime lab. The suspect taken to county jail in Ellsworth.

--Cited a 16-year-old boy for defacing property at Hoffman Park last week. The boy’s Ford Ranger was stuck in the muddy lawn between camp sites and volleyball courts. His dad was trying to dig him out.

The boy claimed he had tried to take a short cut across the lawn.

He was given an $86.20 citation plus restitution to the city to cover the costs for filling in the ruts and reseeding the grass.

--Investigating a burglary at AutoValue Parts, 658 N. Main St., last week Thursday night, April 17, or early next morning.

Scrapes to the back door indicated it may have been jimmied. Inside an employee found desk drawers pulled open and a cash drawer emptied. The employee called police and got out.

It appeared a sum of cash was taken but nothing else. Officers swept through the store that morning, Friday, but found no intruder. The case is still under investigation.

For more, see Police Beat in the April 24 print edition of the River Falls Journal.