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The Great Escape: What goes up, must come down

A 29-year-old local man found nude and bloody at home was arrested for domestic battery and booked at the River Falls police station after midnight Sunday, March 30.

There he asked to use the booking room bathroom to pee and clean himself.

Officers allowed this, but then heard the door lock and things go quiet.

When they unlocked and opened the door, the suspect had disappeared. Above, ceiling tiles were moved leaving a gap.

The man had apparently hoisted himself up and out of sight from the toilet.

His disappearance was short lived.

Officers next heard a loud crashing. The man had tumbled through the ceiling inside the nearby squad room bathroom.

He was found groggy, bleeding from behind the head and soon kicking and flailing until one officer stunned him with a Taser gun.

He was cuffed again and asked if he was trying to escape through the bathroom ceiling. The man said he was “trying to get the hell out” because he didn’t like cops.

The apartment where his domestic battery allegedly occurred was at 1453 Emory Circle. The alleged victims include the man’s girlfriend and three small, frightened children.

The woman was found only partly clothed and also bloody. She said she was beaten.

The man was taken to county jail in Ellsworth.

Police also:

--Arrested a 21-year-old UWRF student from Hastings, Minn., for disorderly conduct and property damage late Saturday night, March 30.

The man was trying to walk home with friends, but kept falling down and fighting with one of the them on the streets of Elm, Maple and Third.

After being picked up and placed in a squad car, the man began kicking until the back window shattered.

He was switched to another squad car and driven to county jail in Ellsworth.

--Arrested a 42-year-old woman for domestic battery and possession of drug items at Valu Stay Inn, 708 N. Main St., before 1 a.m. Saturday, March 30.

A male phoned for help saying his wife was beating him up. Children were present in the inn’s room.

Officers found the faces of the husband and wife bloody as if they’d been punched. The couple had argued about his wanting to see his ‘old lady’ (an old girlfriend) in Eau Claire. They were also allegedly smoking pot and drinking vodka.

The woman was viewed as the prime aggressor and taken to county jail in Hudson. St. Croix County social workers were asked to look into the welfare of the two kids.

There’s more to read in Police Beat in the April 3 print edition of the River Falls Journal.