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Man who would bribe RF cop tries again with lowball offer

A 29-year-old local man picked up for drunk driving in the early morning hours of Sunday, March 22, allegedly offered the arresting River Falls patrol officer $1,000 to let him off the hook.

The officer replied that he didn’t take bribes. As he was being put into a squad car, the man allegedly repeated his bribe but lowered the amount to $800.

Needless to say this second bribe was also declined by the officer.

The man had been stopped for allegedly speeding and going through a red light at North Main and Quarry Road.

When first speaking to the driver, the officer thought the man had vomited over himself.

The man replied that what was on his face and pants was actually the remains of a Jimmy Johns’ sandwich he’d just eaten.

He told the officer he was at the downtown bars before getting the sandwich but that he wasn’t drinking.

Field sobriety tests showed otherwise, though the man refused to take a preliminary breath test.

River Falls police also:

--Cited a 51-year-old local man for stealing and pawning his neighbor lady’s snowblower. The man had used the woman’s snowblower this winter to plow his driveway and the 69-year-old woman’s.

Police say the Craftsman snowblower was sold to Pawn America in St. Paul. The man’s wife, looking for money, allegedly found the pawn receipt in one of his pockets.

--Cited a 23-year-old Oakdale, Minn., woman for disorderly conduct at Boomer’s Bar, 106 N. Main St., around 2:30 a.m. Saturday, March 23. The woman was allegedly fighting with her boyfriend -- who was celebrating a birthday -- because he’d been flirting with women.

Others got involved to separate the two. The woman later wrote in a statement to police that she slapped herself in the face to prove that her boyfriend had hit her.

--Arrested a 23-year-old River Falls man for driving while revoked and violating a restrictive license provision before 4 p.m. Saturday, March 22, in the parking lot of H&F Home Furnishings on the Hwy. 35N frontage road.

The man claimed he was taking his fiancé to the hospital. He said she had pneumonia.

Asked why he was parked outside a furniture store instead of at the hospital, the man had nothing to say.

He was supposed to have in his car an ignition interlock device to gauge his sobriety before driving. No such device was found.

The man was give citations totaling $374 before being taken to county jail in Hudson.

Is there more? Yes. Please check Police Beat in the March 27 print edition of the River Falls Journal.