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River Falls shoplifters go into denial

A 28-year-old local mother with three recent shoplifting citations was a retail theft suspect again – this time at Dollar General, 302 N. Main St., Friday evening, Feb. 28.

At the checkout counter, the woman had food things from her shopping cart to buy, but allegedly covered up other items, bras, kids underwear, hair curlers and more, with a coat to avoid paying.

A store clerk confronted the woman who denied trying to steal. She eventually left the store with a number of items that were paid for. She was last seen leaving the parking lot in a white Cadillac with Minnesota plates.

The woman was soon traced to her city address in River Falls. There a police officer questioned the woman.

She blamed her children, saying they were wild in Dollar General and had tossed things uncontrollably in her cart. She said there was no intent on her part to steal anything.

Because of past municipal shoplifting violations against the woman, police referred this latest incident to the St. Croix County district attorney. Dollar General also enforced a one-year no-trespass notice against the woman.

River Falls police also:

--Caught up with and arrested a 25-year-old local man for shoplifting at Holiday store, 302 S. Main St., just after midnight Friday, March 28.

A store clerk there said the man was with two others who were pooling their money to buy cigarettes.

However, the man separated himself from them and allegedly left Holiday with unpaid candy bars sticking out of his pockets.

The clerk yelled after him to stop and gave chase. The man stumbled across the street by Anytime Fitness. His candy bars spilled out. He bent to scoop them up and kept running toward the UW-River Falls campus.

Back at Holiday, officers found the suspect’s girlfriend in the store. Through her they identified the man and phoned him.

Sorry, I’m not your shoplifting suspect, the man said over the phone, adding that he didn’t know who the woman claiming to be his girlfriend could be.

Later that night, however, the man was spotted in the front seat of the woman’s car as she turned into Kwik Trip South.

She went into Kwik Trip as an officer moved toward her parked car and arrested the man. He was booked at the police station and given a $187 citation.

There’s always more. Please find it in Police Beat in the March 6 print edition of the River Falls Journal.