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Student drinkers: ‘Bill’ claims to know Greek alphabet; another tells officers they lack education

A 21-year-old UW-River Falls male student was found asleep behind the wheel of his idling pickup truck in a downtown alley after bar closing time Thursday, Feb. 20.

The officer pounded on the driver’s side window, then opened the door and shook the student repeatedly, trying to wake him.

The driver did wake, but then kept falling back to sleep.

Finally, when he was fully awake and stayed that way, he claimed his first name was “Bill.”

This didn’t match the name “Raymond” on his driver’s license, so the student said to call him Raymond instead.

As part of his field sobriety tests, Raymond was asked to recite the alphabet. No problem, Raymond said, he could do alphabets in English and Greek.

However, he allegedly could only get halfway through the English alphabet before skipping to Z at the end. This happened twice.

After a preliminary breath test, Raymond was arrested and given a $811 citation for drunk driving. He was released to the sober care of a friend.

River Falls police also:

  • Cited, arrested and finally jailed an 18-year-old UWRF male student in two separate incidents within a half hour in the area of South Main and Park streets around 3 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 23.

The student was first stopped for being underage and walking with an open can of beer.

Not long after, a sheriff’s deputy stopped the student again, this time for making profane gestures and swearing loudly on the street.

A patrol officer came to assist. After being searched, the deputy and the officer say they recovered marijuana and drug paraphernalia from the student’s coat pocket and a book bag.

The behavior of the young allegedly continued to be profane and unruly.

He told the lawmen that he was a physics major and that they were uneducated and shouldn’t waste their time with someone of his status.

Later, at the police station, he allegedly urinated outside the toilet and scattered paper towels on the floor.

Unable to control him, the student wasn’t given municipal citations but taken to county jail in Ellsworth. The case goes to the district attorney.

There’s more in Police Beat in the Feb. 27 print edition of the River Falls Journal.