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Cops get recipe for a higher form of brownies; Pierce County Jail gets a thumbs up

A 21-year-old River Falls man was arrested for possessing marijuana with intent to deliver last Wednesday, Feb. 12. where he lives at 234 S. Third Street.

River Falls police claim that a search of that rental address turned up a glass jar with 13.7 grams of pot, a lesser amount of pot in another jar, bongs, one-hitter pipes, a silver grinder and marijuana-laced chocolate brownies.

Officers claim the bongs were found in a smoke room with a sign above saying, “Drug Zone."

The two male roommates didn’t like the man’s alleged use and dealing of marijuana.

The man allegedly told police he figured they would be raiding his place soon so he had downsized his stash of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Of his confiscated brownies found in the fridge, the man said his recipe was using butter to mix the ingredients with marijuana.

In the last week police also:

--Arrested a 28-year-old local transient man for stealing someone’s identity and using the information to buy packs of cigarettes at Dick’s grocery story Saturday, Feb. 15.

While the man denied doing so, he’s alleged to have stolen the wallet of a woman who works at Treasures from the Heart in downtown River Falls and then using her MasterCard.

Dicks Fresh Market surveillance video is said to show the man going through the checkout line on Saturday.

The man was later picked up near a local church. The stolen wallet and its contents have yet to be recovered.

On the way to county jail in Ellsworth, the man told police they had the wrong man, but that he was happy where he was going because Pierce County jailers have treated him well.

--Arrested a 34-year-old local man for domestic disorderly conduct in the 1600 block of Valley Quail Drive after 3 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 16.

The alleged victim was the man’s wife. The two had dined out earlier, come home, put their two kids to bed, drank some cocktails and then began arguing about one of his problem relatives.

He allegedly grew mad and punched their old family dog, described as sick with cancer, in the side of the head.

The woman picked up the ailing dog, rushed to the children’s bedroom, locked the door and told the man to sleep it off.

He allegedly didn’t, pounding on the door and yelling that he would break it down. The children inside were crying.

The woman finally let him in, and he allegedly pulled her to the floor. She hurt her lower back while falling against the door frame.

The man was taken to county jail in Ellsworth. The case goes to the district attorney.

There’s more. Please see Police Beat in the Feb. 20 print edition of the River Falls Journal.