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Woman who stiffs cabbie for big tab cited by River Falls police

A 55-year-old woman staying at a local motel allegedly refused to pay a taxi driver a $150 fare for her ride from north Minneapolis back to River Falls around 5 a.m. Monday, Dec. 23.

The Twin Cities cabbie called police. Back at the downtown River Falls Best Western hotel, the woman was said to be causing a fuss. She claimed she’d lost her credit card and couldn’t pay.

She also told police she’d been to a sex shop to buy a bra in Minneapolis, that things got strange there with naked people inside. Sometime after that she claimed she was sprayed with mace before finally being able to hail a taxi.

The woman had an Amery address but said she’d been living recently on Clark Street in River Falls.

Police describe her as uncooperative, erratic and hard to understand. She had also been drinking. An officer had to zip her coat because the woman’s low-cut shirt left her indecently exposed.

Because the woman was on court-ordered probation, she was taken to county jail in Ellsworth. She was also given a $250 citation for fraud on a cab driver.

River Falls police also arrested a man and woman at 545 Birchcrest Drive #1 after 10 p.m. Monday, Dec. 23, for an incident that included harboring a felon, obstruction and two felony warrants.

Officers were assisting a sheriff’s deputy from Washington County, Minn.

The deputy was after a 51-year-old man wanted for felony warrants. He was said to be at a 50-year-old woman’s rental address on Birchcrest.

Loud guitar music was playing at that address when the officers and deputy arrived. Then it stopped and the lights inside went dark.

After repeated knocks, the woman finally answered the door. She said the male suspect wasn’t inside and she didn’t know anyone by that name.

Later the suspect was found in a back bedroom. He was pulled out from hiding under an old waterbed frame and a mattress.

At this point the woman allegedly screamed at the officers and deputy and tried to block their leaving with the suspect. She was then arrested for obstruction and harboring a felon.

Both the man and woman were taken by squad car to county jail in Ellsworth. Along the way they were trying to kiss each other in the back seat.

They were told by the River Falls patrol officer to refrain from such physical contact.

For more Police Beat, please see the Jan. 2, 2014, print edition of the River Falls Journal.