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Girlfriend allegedly impaled by scissors throwing

A 17-year-old girl was treated last week at River Falls Area Hospital after being seriously wounded in the arm by a pair of scissors hurled by her boyfriend at their apartment in the 200 block of Charlotte Street.

The 18-year-old boyfriend has since been charged by the Pierce County district attorney with three felonies – domestic battery, physical abuse of a child, and possession of methamphetamine

The incident occurred Friday, Dec. 13, in the apartment where the couple live.

The boyfriend reportedly was mad she wasn’t doing her school homework.

According to the River Falls police, the two argued before the boyfriend finally took a pair of scissors and threw them at the girl.

The impact was so severe the blade – or blades, this wasn’t made clear - punctured all the way through the girl’s forearm.

Officers first doubted the credibility of this account, but the 18-year-old insisted that’s what happened, that he aimed and threw the scissors with all his might.

The girl fell to the floor before pulling out the scissors. Her wound then bled heavily as the River Falls Ambulance was called.