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Suspected burglar said she just wanted to charge cellphone

A 28-year-old Hudson woman was arrested for burglary as she allegedly tried crawling out of a basement window in the 200 block of West Church Street Friday, Oct. 4.

River Falls police say it appears the woman broke a window to get inside. She’s the daughter of the homeowner’s ex-wife.

The homeowner reported that things have been missing inside his house for months. On Friday, a neighbor lady called police to report seeing a suspicious woman around the house.

During questioning, the woman allegedly told police she accidentally broke a window to get in, and that she only wanted to charge her cellphone, take a shower and maybe grab a bite to eat.

She was later moved to county jail in Ellsworth.

Police also:

--Arrested a 62-year-old River Falls man for disorderly conduct at Emma’s Bar on South Main Street just before 2 a.m. Friday, Oct. 4.  The man was said to be yelling and cursing at patrons, and also using racial slurs. He wouldn’t leave the bar.

When officers got there he had settled down. Told he could go, the man allegedly starting screaming at police, using more racial slurs and demanding to go to detox.

But he refused an ambulance and was taken instead to the police station. From there his behavior was said to worsen. He ended up at the county jail in Ellsworth.

--Investigated a strangulation case between a couple at Glen Park Sunday afternoon, Oct. 6. The woman and man, both in their 20s, had met to talk about their relationship.

She claimed that when she tried to get out of the car, he grabbed her and put an arm around her throat in a chokehold.

She said this happened more than once. Each time she could hardly breathe. She also claimed he hit her upper chest with her shoe.

The woman allegedly had marks and scratches below her neck.

The man drove off when a nearby resident came to see what was going on.

Police later reached the man by phone. He denied hurting the woman, saying the only physical contact was when he tried to give her a hug. He also said he tossed her shoe in the parking lot.

Asked to return to River Falls for an interview, the man said he was homeless but lived with his parents in St. Paul, that he had no gas money for the trip back, and besides didn’t want to return and be arrested.

The case was sent to the Pierce County district attorney for battery charges.

There’s more in Police Beat. Please find it in your Oct. 10 print edition of the River Falls Journal.