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Family mourns pet dog that was disemboweled on Main Street

A couple from Rhinelander visiting their daughter, a freshman at UW-River Falls, last week Tuesday, Sept. 17, brought along the family dogs – a fox terrier and a rat terrier. The latter never made it back to Rhinelander.

The family was staying at Valu Stay Inn & Suites on North Main Street. The 48-year-old woman was walking both dogs on a dual leash before turning in for the night.

Another motel resident was also outside, smoking a cigarette, with her pit bull. The pit bull saw the two little dogs, broke away from its leash and charged.

It seized the rat terrier in its jaws, tore the little dog out of its collar and ran off. The 48-year-old woman, her husband, the college daughter and another man gave chase.

They ended up in the middle of Main Street in a pile, trying to pry open the pit bull’s jaws to release the rat terrier. Cars were pulling over to the side to avoid a collision.

According the River Falls Police, when the rat terrier was finally recovered and bundled in a blanket, it had been “eviscerated.”

Police also dealt with other combative situations:

--A 31-year local woman was cited for disorderly conduct for her part in a melee in a downtown apartment on South Main Street last Thursday, Sept. 19. There was a dispute among several people over McDonald’s restaurant coupons allegedly being stolen from mailboxes.

The 31-year-old woman got very angry with another woman. She allegedly hurled a large can of pork-and-beans and a dog’s water bowl at this woman. Both times she missed and instead hit another man – once in the head and once in the shoulder.

--A 24-year-old local man was arrested for domestic battery, disorderly conduct and property damage before dawn Sunday, Sept. 22, in the 100 block of South Third Street. He allegedly was drunk, disruptive, kicked a door, slugged a woman’s boyfriend in the head, knocking him down, and kicked and shattered a passenger side window of a parked car.

The male victim had to go to the River Falls Area Hospital emergency room because of a big forehead bruise, double vision, dizziness and headaches.

The 24-year-old claimed he had one of his blackouts from drinking too much Grain Belt Premium beer at a downtown bar. He said he couldn’t remember anything of what he was accused of doing.

--A 28-year-old local woman was cited for disorderly conduct for allegedly grabbing another woman’s hair and punching her face in the Corner Saloon bar at Main and Maple streets after midnight last Thursday, Sept. 19. The alleged victim had confronted the woman about putdowns she made about other patrons being gay.

Officers couldn’t find the suspect -- described as wearing high heels and a black flowered dress -- right away. Later she was picked up in the 100 block of East Walnut street, holding two cans of beer, one opened.

While she was cited for the bar fight, after her release it was learned that she was allegedly involved in another fight – after the first one -- in an apartment building on Walnut Street.

The boyfriend of the second female victim claimed the 28-year-old woman had smashed his girlfriend’s head on the floor. This woman was described as drunk and incoherent, but was taken by ambulance to the hospital to have her injuries treated.

The second fight incident is being referred to the Pierce County district attorney.

For more, please see Police Beat in the Sept. 26 print edition of the River Falls Journal.