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Sexist remark becomes fighting words

Overheard at a River Falls bar around closing time 2 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 17: Boyfriend to his girlfriend, Come on, finish your drink. She jokingly replies, I don’t need you to tell me what to do.

Guy down at the end of the bar counter overhears the exchange, chimes in: “That’s what a man does to a woman, that’s what they are for.”

More harsh words get exchanged as several patrons leave the bar and walk south.

Before long the woman who didn’t want to be told what to do is hit in the face.

She claims her boyfriend reacts to protect her.

River Falls police are summoned to the scene because of a woman screaming. They find two men rolling on the ground, fighting, outside the Holiday station, 302 S. Main St.

The fighters are separated. One is a local 24-year-old, and the other is a 29-year-old who attended River Falls High School but now lives in Roberts.

Both are given $177 disorderly conduct municipal citations.

The woman’s boyfriend asked that a picture be taken of his eye. He says it’s swelling from a blow.

River Falls police also:

--Cited for disorderly conduct a 19-year-old rural River Falls woman for taking a baseball bat to a car parked at Valu-Stay Inn, 708 N. Main St., after 4 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 15. This was some kind of family dispute. The damaged car, an Audi, belonged to the woman’s brother. She was also arguing with her mother, who was staying in one of the rooms.

--Cited two brothers in their early 20s, formerly of River Falls, for disorderly conduct for a disturbance they allegedly caused outside Emma’s Bar, 222 S. Main St., after 2 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 15.

The men were said to be picking fights with other patrons and tossing around trash cans. One brother said he had recently returned from serving in Afghanistan.

He was angry and allegedly yelled abusive words at police for detaining a military veteran.

The two were arrested in the alley behind Emma’s.

There’s more. Find it in Police Beat, the Aug. 22 print edition of the River Falls Journal.