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Drunken driver ends up careening through someone’s garage

A 27-year-old local man said you hear about people crashing through garages but don’t expect it’ll happen to you. But it happened to this man at the apartment complex at 1457 Wildcat Court last Monday evening, July 1.

A witness said the man drove fast around a corner, hit and curb and veered through the door of one garage unit before ending perpendicular in another.

River Falls Police say when the man got out he was staggering and smelling of alcohol. He was asking about some missing money.

This turned out to be the man’s second arrest for drunk driving. He could find no one to care for him so he spent the night in the county jail in Ellsworth.

Police also:

--Arrested a 21-year-old Hudson man for possession of meth, marijuana and meth paraphernalia last week before 1 a.m. Tuesday, July 2, at Spring and Second streets. The man was pulled over because of a cracked windshield. His passenger was a 16-year-old local girl.

With the help of a Pierce County Sheriff’s deputy’s dog, officers claim they found bloody syringes, pipe with a white-substance residue, pill bottle with marijuana stems, and a gem bag with what was believed to be methamphetamine.

The man allegedly said he’d been on meth for a year but was trying to quit.

--Arrested a 21-year-old River Falls man for disorderly conduct and property damage at his apartment building at 1029 S. State St. before 4 a.m. Saturday. Police were called there for a drunk person trying to break into the building, including by cutting screen windows.

The suspect was pursued inside the building and grabbed in another man’s apartment. He resisted and was forcibly taken down and handcuffed.

Described as very drunk, the man later said he had no idea what he’d done, that he got mixed up about where his apartment was and just wanted to find a way home.

For more, please see Police Beat in the July 11 print edition of the River Falls Journal.