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Schachtner defeats Jarchow in special election

Packers vs. Vikings equals mayhem

Those football war of words can bring bloodshed. After bar closing last week Tuesday, a couple of local guys went at it. Seems one took exception to insults about the Green Bay Packers. The Minnesota Vikings were part of the toxic mix. Before long, one guy was spit in the eye. Then there were punches and both tumbled to the pavement, still scuffling. When an officer arrived, friends were tending to a 25-year-old man with a bloody head wound. He was being restrained from pursuing his attacker.

A 22-year-old man, the alleged attacker, was found, arrested and booked at the police station. However, the case is being reviewed by the district attorney. Both young men who resorted to fisticuffs over the interstate NFL rivalry may face charges.

In the past week, your River Falls police also:

--Came across an 18-year-old UW-RF male student who had wandered from a nearby party and passed out - of all places -- on the grounds of the Kinnic Falls halfway house, 900 S. Orange St. A light was shined on the young man. He slowly came to but seemed confused, then got sick - repeatedly, including at the police station. After being given a $177 fine he was released to the custody of mom and dad who came for him.

--Ticketed another 18-year-old local man for underage drinking after he phoned police at four in the morning from the local McDonald's, saying he was too drunk to walk home and needed a lift. An officer came to help the man, but also brought along a $177 drinking citation.

--Arrested a 22-year-old local woman for trying to walk out of EconoFoods with a $12 bottle of Phillips Vodka stashed in her purse. A store security clerk stopped the woman because of the unpaid booze. She was given a fine by police and the vodka returned in salable condition to the store.

There's more. Please read Police Beat in the Oct. 6 print edition of the River Falls Journal.