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From a tampon duel to a snapping canine, police work is never routine

Two female roommates, ages 19 and 20, came to blows because one accused the other of using up, in fact stealing, all the Tampons over the weekend in the 100 block of Broadway Street. There was screaming, pushing and punching. One woman, the one enraged that all the tampons were gone, allegedly said, "I have a knife...I'm going to kill you." River Falls police have sent this one to the Pierce County district attorney to review.

This past week, our local police force also dealt with these sundry cases:

--An officer investigating a dog running loose complaint in the area of the 600 block of Clark Street was himself bitten in the leg by the suspect dog - a 50-pound boxer. The dog was inside the apartment when the officer stepped in the doorway to talk with the tenant. The dog approached the two and bit the officer. The tenant said the dog actually belonged to his sister who lives out of town. The animal appeared to be current on its vaccination shots. The bitten officer did still see a doctor.

--Cited a 20-year-old UW-River Falls female student for battery and property damage in the 100 block of West Cascade Avenue. The victim is her ex-boyfriend, a local technical college student. Furious that he had broken up with her, she allegedly broke into his room, broke the door, and attacked by slapping, tackling, dragging and biting him, pulling his hair and also punching him. Police didn't track the woman down until the next day. She lives off campus on Park Street. The woman was apologetic, claiming an excess of alcohol had fueled her ferocity. She was given fines totaling more than $600 and will be asked to pay up to $500 in restitution.

--Arrested a 46-year-old Houlton woman for allegedly presenting a forged prescription at Walgreens in River Falls. The photocopied prescription was for Methadone, a narcotic pain reliever similar to morphine. The prescription had already been filled at a Walmart pharmacy in Oak Park Heights, Minn. The arrested woman wouldn't talk to officers before being taken to county jail in Hudson.

--Arrested a 21-year-old local man for shoplifting late Saturday night at Kwik Trip on South Main Street. The man allegedly walked out of the store after pocketing a couple of egg rolls. Police found him later that night on Main Street. His actions at Kwik Trip were captured on the store's video surveillance. In his defense, the man said he was too drunk to know any better about stealing food.

--Cited two young men, one from Prescott, the other from River Falls, for harassment after they allegedly followed another car full of women around town. Frightened, the female driver called for help. She was crying fearfully when police spoke to her. The guys said they didn't mean any harm and claimed someone in the car had waved to them, which they took as a sign to follow.

--Cited a 22-year-old local man for disorderly conduct over the weekend at 2:30 a.m. for an incident downtown at Bubba's Fried Chicken. The man allegedly spit a wad of chewing tobacco onto the restaurant floor. He was asked to leave but wouldn't, then he was forcibly thrown out. During the process, a front-door window was broken. The man claimed he was roughed up while being tossed out, that he was grabbed by the hair. Still, he was given a $177 fine and will be asked to pay restitution.

--Cited a 17-year-old high school boy for disorderly conduct at the high school. The suspect was accused of dumping a tray of food and sauces on another student's car. The school's surveillance video helped to identify him. When questioned later, the boy admitted it was a stupid act, but said the victim was spoiled, had a nice car and that the spilled mess could easily be cleaned without causing damage.

There's more. Please turn to this week's Police Beat in the Sept. 29 print edition of the River Falls Journal.