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Domestic batteries attributed to jealousy

River Falls police investigated two possible batteries last week where someone suspected their partners of cheating. That led to bickering, then violence. In the first instance, a woman claimed she had a door slammed against her head that resulted in a bloody gash.

The victim later phoned a friend and left a message about what happened. She claimed she wasn't allowed to see a doctor. When officers arrived to check on her welfare, the woman met them at the door wearing a large, blood-stained bandage over her forehead. She said a neighbor with a nurse's aide background put on not only the bandage but also butterfly stitching.

Police found the alleged 35-year-old assailant, who lives in the Wildcat Court apartments, asleep in the master bedroom. He was taken to county jail in Ellsworth. Charges are pending with the district attorney.

In the other instance, a 30-year-old husband said his 28-year-old wife whacked him across the face in the parking lot of apartments at Riverside Drive Friday night. The wife had accused the man of an affair with a woman who lives in the apartment.

When the man talked to police an hour later, he said the blow to the face continued to sting and hurt. He said he did not strike back.

The wife, from Glenwood City, allegedly admitted to hitting her husband, and demonstrated before an officer the backhanded blow she had delivered.

She was later released and said she would go stay at her father's house. The husband asked for and got a 72-hour no-contact order against her.

Police also:

--Cited two local bar bouncers, ages 24 and 37, for disorderly conduct at 4 a.m. Saturday in the 100 block of South Main Street. One man allegedly was saying insulting things about the other's daughter until the other punched him several times in the face. The one who was hit walked to the police station, tapped on a window for help, and explained to an officer that he'd been beaten. After looking into the circumstances, both men were give $177 fines.

--Arrested a 41-year-old Ellsworth man for shoplifting at ShopKo Saturday afternoon. The man allegedly tried to steal a $40 Green Bay Packer watch from the jewelry section. The stolen Packer watch was recovered in salable condition. The Ellsworth man was given a $177 fine before being released.

--Arrested a 33-year-old New Jersey man for stealing several cans of Coors beer at the Best Value Inn on North Main Street Saturday night. The man allegedly took the beer from other inn patrons who were standing around outside talking. He returned to his room with the Coors. When confronted, he returned only one can. Officers arrived, found the man had drunk some of the beer and gave him a $240 fine.

--Arrested two young local woman for stealing a road-closing sign and for underage drinking at 3:20 a.m. last Thursday. The two were allegedly seen carrying a plank and the sign itself while walking toward Cascade Avenue from South Wasson Lane. The two apparently had been drinking earlier in the night at Veterans Park. Both were given fines totaling more than $400.

For more Police Beat, please pick up a July 21 print edition of the River Falls Journal.