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Who's been sleeping in my bed? A naked, strange man

You come home after a night out with your girlfriend. She drops you off late, around 5 a.m. You walk in your home and find water dripping down from the kitchen ceiling. You go upstairs and see the bathroom sink is backed up, water running and overflowing onto the floor and through the ceiling downstairs. You turn off the faucet, go to your bedroom and find a strange man sleeping there -- covered with blankets but naked.

It turns out River Falls police had just spent hours looking for this same guy. It was after midnight Saturday, and they had been summoned to 3534 Sterling Heights Drive. A 25-year-old Richland Center man, visiting friends, had disappeared. He was intoxicated and wearing only boxers.

Officers combed the open fields of Sterling Ponds subdivision. They even borrowed a thermal tracking device from the sheriff's department to find the missing out-of-towner.

No luck because he apparently found a comfortable place and bed to curl up and sleep in. When wakened, he didn't know where he was or how he'd got there. The people who first reported him missing live right next door.

The case was referred to the district attorney for possible charges.

Last week police also:

--Cited a 29-year-old local man for theft for allegedly stealing and then throwing away his ex-girlfriend's purse. The man was angry that he was stuck home watching their seven-month daughter while she was out at the bars. He finally brought the baby to the woman who was inside Boomer's Bar. He handed her the little girl and then grabbed the woman's purse before running out. After a search outside, the spilled purse was found curbside by Steve's Pizza Palace. The man had to be hospitalized because he badly injured his wrist after punching the bar door while leaving. He also got a $240 fine for the purse theft.

--Arrested a 27-year-old local woman for drunk driving-fourth offense after her car got stuck in the back yard of a house in the 1500 block of Covey Drive last Thursday night. A witness said the woman had jumped and driven across a concrete median just blocks away. She was taken to county jail in Ellsworth.

--Continue to investigate the theft of roughly $500 worth of booze from EconoFoods early Sunday afternoon. Video surveillance shows two men and a woman made off with a cartload of liquor through the store's front, north doors. They drove away in a small maroon car. The suspects are: white, blond female; white male with long hair in a pony tail wearing a Hawaiian-type shirt; and a black male with short hair wearing a light blue polo shirt. The woman appeared to be the lookout as the men stole various alcoholic beverages. This may not be the first time they've stolen liquor at EconoFoods.

--Continue to investigate the theft of a puppy named Lady from a 21-year-old male resident in the 100 block of South Fourth Street Friday. The little dog is a beagle/basset mix. It had been kept in the fenced-in backyard. A young man with short hair was last seen walking away with the dog Friday morning.

For more, please read Police Beat in the May 26 print edition of the River Falls Journal.