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Intruder says: What about Bob?

River Falls police were sent to a home intruder call at 4:20 a.m. Sunday in the 200 block of South Third Street. The 25-year-old suspect was caught by the unarmed homeowner. He was ordered to sit or he would be shot. The suspect did as he was told, saying he was only looking for Bob.

The homeowner said his wife woke him because she heard window pounding. He checked all around, including the doors, found nothing, but accidentally left the front door unlocked.

Soon after the confused suspect walked inside. He was then confronted until officers arrived.

Police describe the intruder suspect as apologetic and mixed up, saying he'd merely gotten his addresses confused.

The upset homeowner wanted the intruder arrested. He was soon given a disorderly conduct fine and driven a few blocks away to a house in the 300 block of East Walnut Street.

Last week police also:

--Arrested a 59-year-old woman at the apartment complex at 1495 Riverside Drive for marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession. Another tenant had complained about a strong pot order. When the odor was traced to her apartment, the woman admitted she was smoking marijuana because she was nervous about a meeting she had to attend next day. Officers claim they recovered a small quantity of marijuana and a glass pipe.

--Arrested a 20-year-old local man for domestic disorderly conduct at 513 S. Wasson Lane at 2:30 a.m. Monday. The alleged victim is the man's live-in girlfriend. The couple is said to be estranged. They have four-month-old twins who slept during the disturbance. The woman said the man first threw a pillow at her, then hit and kicked, had her in a headlock before finally sitting on her and pushing down on her chest and neck. She said she fought back, and the man said she even gave him a bloody nose. He left after the fight and was picked up blocks away. His next stop was county jail in Ellsworth.

--Turned over to juvenile authorities a 13-year-old Meyer Middle School student for stealing from the high school -- after school hours -- earlier this month. The girl allegedly stole a video camera, projector bag and other electronic equipment totaling $420. These items were allegedly recovered at her home.

--Sent a 20-year-old UW-River Falls male student in an ambulance to the hospital after he was found lying down and unresponsive in the downtown parking lot behind Bo Jon's Flowers at 2:40 a.m. Saturday. When wakened, the man got very sick. He claimed he had been drinking at a local bar. Besides the ambulance ride, police gave him a $177 underage drinking fine.

--Woke a 33-year-old local man who was sleeping at the wheel of his parked vehicle outside Walgreen's drugstore late Friday night. After checking his identification, turns out the man was wanted for an extraditable Ohio warrant. The man said he was waiting at Walgreen's for his girlfriend to drop off their kids. He was instead taken to county jail in Hudson to await extradition.

For more, read Police Beat in the May 19 print edition of the River Falls Journal.