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Drunk driving arrest leads to recovery of football mailbox

A 21-year-old local man stopped for his second drunk driving arrest just after midnight Monday had a passenger River Falls police were after. The 20-year-old male suspect, a university student, was allegedly sitting next to a Denver Broncos mailbox. It had been broken off and taken earlier that night from the front of a house in the 1300 block of West Division Street.

When questioned, the student allegedly fessed up and said he swiped the mailbox because he wanted to give it to a friend who's a Denver Broncos fan. Besides stealing, the student was also ticketed for underage drinking.

In the past week, police also:

--Arrested a 47-year-old local man for battery and disorderly conduct for allegedly beating up his girlfriend who had just returned from a stay in jail. This occurred last week Wednesday night in the 900 block of Sycamore Street. The female victim was found bruised and with a black eye. She said her live-in boyfriend was drinking and had accused her of stealing. Officers couldn't find the suspect right away. He was later found lying low in his parked pickup truck. One officer had his gun drawn before the suspect finally got out and surrendered.

--Cited a 27-year-old UW-RF student for drunk driving-3rd offense following his serious motorcycle crash 9 p.m. last Thursday at Ninth Street and Falcon Drive. The student driver, who wore no helmet, was cycling north on Ninth and missed his turn onto Falcon Drive. He was thrown, his motorcycle went skidding. It was heavily damaged and leaking gas. The driver may have lost consciousness. Because of an odor he was tested for alcohol use. Later, because of severe injuries to his head and face, he was moved to Regions Hospital in St. Paul.

Police were also dealing with some apparent bad vibes at an apartment complex at 1495 Riverside Drive:

--One tenant there, a 43-year-old woman, was cited for disorderly conduct Sunday afternoon. She allegedly came up to a truck driving into the parking lot and began banging on the windows. Inside the truck was another female tenant and her father, the driver. The 43-year-old woman also tried to climb inside, and she reached into the truck bed to pull out a siphon hose attached to a 55-gallon gas drum. Other building tenants were said to be fearful of the woman who was described as talking and acting irrationally. She was given a $177 fine and taken for medical attention.

--Another female tenant at the same apartment building, this one 51, was also taken away for medical observation after she allegedly smashed the window of another tenant's car Saturday morning. She claimed she did so because the car contained evil spirits. Officers say she kept referring to herself by other strange names and in the third person.

--A burglary at this same apartment building occurred during the day Sunday. The tenants were gone but thought they'd locked their door. Officers could find no evidence of a break-in. The apartment unit was ransacked and an odd array of stuff taken by the intruder, including: Baby clothing, food, juice and toys; diapers; movie DVDs; music CDs; and copies of a birth certificate, restraining order and social security card.

With the onset of spring, a couple of college students have been fined for illegal burning outside their rental homes -- couches, a window frame. Another one was ticketed Sunday at 2:20 a.m. behind his house at 209 S. Third St. This time, the illegal burn was a giant-sized beanbag chair that set ablaze over an outdoor fire pit. The beanbag chair didn't fit and was hanging outside the pit. The officer put out the flames with a fire extinguisher. When asked who started the blaze, the college student said it was a "group effort," before allegedly admitting that he was behind the group effort.

For more, please read Police Beat in the April 28 print edition of the River Falls Journal.