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Drug bust, felony charge

A 20-year-old UW-River Falls sophomore arrested off campus in late winter for possession and distribution of marijuana has been charged with a felony for drug dealing.

Robert D. Weske, 103 N. Fremont St. #1, was also charged with a misdemeanor for drug paraphernalia possession. He has a first appearance in Pierce County Court Monday, April 19.

Police were called to Weske's apartment at 1:20 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 24 after another tenant had complained of loud noise and a marijuana odor.

Officers were let in by Weske, who had two other men with him, both UW-RF students. One was Weske's roommate, another lives on campus at Crabtree Hall.

The roommate was asleep at the time. After being wakened and briefly questioned, he was disoriented, had cold sweats and began vomiting. An ambulance was called.

In the criminal complaint, all three men said they had smoked pot, while Weske admitted to buying and selling it.

Weske said he used his apartment as hangout for friends to drop in and smoke pot.

Officers found so many smoking pipes in various places, including eight inside zipper bags under a table in one room, that they asked whose they were.

Weske said he couldn't say about the pipes in zipper bags because so many people came to use them in that particular room.

A bong for marijuana use was found on a kitchen countertop. In another area of the apartment by a couch was a large glove that held about an ounce of marijuana in a bag and a smaller amount in a canister.

Under another couch a cardboard box was retrieved that had a bag of marijuana and a leather notebook with names of marijuana buyers.

In one bedroom officers found a grinder with the fresh smell of marijuana inside and a black leather case with a scale.

Weske's roommate, John G. Stark, said he bought the scale in Europe and weighed his marijuana purchases so as not to get ripped off. The leather case also held a canister, labeled "weed" on the lid, with pot inside.

This evidence and more was logged, seized and secured.

Police arrested Stark and cited him for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Scott McMahon, the other man in Weske's apartment who lives on campus, was given the same citations.

As the police investigation continued, the complaint says Weske was brought in for questioning and admitted to using his Fremont Street apartment to sell pot.

Weske said he buys marijuana from a source in Hudson, uptown Twin Cities and also from a 19-year-old UW-RF male student who lives on campus. That student was also recently arrested for selling marijuana.

Weske said he'd been buying marijuana for a year, often making two purchases a week. He said he makes a small profit, usually about $10 per ounce of purchase, and has enough left over to use for free. He said he sells to about 10 friends.

The felony marijuana possession with intent to deliver charge carries a maximum sentence of three years and six months in prison and a $10,000 fine.