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Bonfire party not a good idea

Except for a few more drunk drivers, it was a fairly subdued week in River Falls policeland. Some college students did manage to add a little spice. Just before 3 a.m. last Thursday at a rental house at 913 S. Main St., several students were found gathered in their driveway, listening to loud music and watching the flames consume a couch and window frame.

The responding police officer noticed the fire had spread to the gravel driveway and was nearing two buildings and a car. The officer got the students to douse the blaze by throwing water. They later agreed that starting a driveway bonfire wasn't a good idea. One male student was fined for illegally burning refuse.

At that same address, 24 hours later, another male college student, was cited for a loud party complaint. An officer said he could hear blaring music far away.

Last week River Falls police also:

  • Fined three college students for rooftop trespassing at Rocky Branch Elementary School last Thursday evening. The students, two women and a man, said they were out running when they decided to scale a fence to reach the school roof. They were spotted up there and were later found lying down trying to hide. Each got a $177 fine.

    For more, read Police Beat in the April 7 print edition of the River Falls Journal.

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