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Unwanted motel lover allegedly naked and fighting mad

A 25-year-old local man was cited for disorderly conduct at the downtown Best Western motel for allegedly pushing around a young woman who wanted him out of the room she and her friends had paid for to stay the night. The man was found naked in bed with another woman from the same group. The two had returned to the room earlier in the night after meeting at a downtown bar where they'd been dancing.

The group of ladies had been out barhopping as part of a birthday celebration. Now, upon their return to the motel room, they demanded that the man leave immediately. One woman, especially, was insistent and a confrontation ensued. She said she got pushed hard against a wall and a TV was knocked to the floor. She claimed to have hurt her head and had scratched to an arm.

The man allegedly pushed the girl while he was still naked. Police, after investigating, later served him with a $177 citation.

Last week River Falls police also:

  • Caught and jailed two young Minnesota men who allegedly walked out of EconoFoods last Thursday afternoon with a cartload of goods totaling over $1,100, much of it booze and munchies. They were stopped by a store employee, but one allegedly rammed the cart into the employee and ran. Another was grabbed by the employee but slipped out of his shirt and took off down Main Street, shirtless. The cartload of goods was left behind and recovered. One suspect was soon caught as he strolled along Riverwalk Drive, smoking and chatting on a cell phone. The men, ages 18 and 19, from Minnetonka and Chanhassen, both admitted their roles in the theft to police. They went to county jail in Ellsworth and soon bailed out.
  • Arrested a 16-year-old Prescott boy for stealing a 12-pack of condoms at ShopKo last week Tuesday afternoon. The Prescott teen was with his girlfriend, who did buy some store items. The boy was allegedly seen tearing open the $6.79 package of condoms and putting them in his hoodie pocket. When asked why he did it, he allegedly said he didn't want to embarrass his girlfriend with the condoms purchase. He was given an $82.50 fine plus restitution.
  • Investigated two possible arson fires within 20 minutes of each other around 2 a.m. last Tuesday. In one, a couch outside a rental house, corner of Walnut and Third streets, was found burning. A patrolling cop spotted the 12-foot flames and quickly responded. Two cops eventually doused the blaze with their fire extinguishers. Just 20 minutes earlier a political campaign sign at Fourth and Maple streets had been set ablaze. Police believe both fires were deliberately set by the same suspect. No arrests yet.

    For more, read Police Beat in the March 24 print edition of the River Falls Journal.

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