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Update: Cat feces used to start trailer blazes; teen boy accused

River Falls police say evidence points to a 16-year-old local boy as the one who set three recent minor blazes at Cudd's trailer court, 1450 S. Wasson Lane. The boy, who lives in a nearby apartment complex on Cemetery Road, allegedly set fire to cat feces inside a paper bag and left it on the porch of one trailer home.

Police Investigator Chuck Golden said the boy admitted to the Feb. 22 fire but not to a second one at the same trailer home on March 1.

The March 1 fire was during the middle of the night. In that one, there was not only a porch fire but another in the backseat of the victim's car that was parked in the driveway.

Both fires smoldered a great deal but were easily put out by River Falls firefighters.

While Golden said the boy wouldn't admit to the second set of fires, they bore the same evidence: cat feces in a bag, left on the back porch. Golden said, however, it was unclear how the car fire began. The car's backseat was left with a big, burned-out hole.

For a motive, Golden said the teenage boy was upset with the man living at the trailer court home.

The 16-year-old has since been placed in an area placement facility for juveniles. His case will be handled in Pierce County Juvenile Court.