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Name calling, kiss and then a smack in the face

A 24-year-old New Richmond man was arrested for disorderly conduct on North Main Street at 2 a.m. Saturday for punching another man in the face as the two were being separated outside a bar. Inside the bar, the arrested man allegedly called the other man a "fag" and then kissed him on the side of the cheek. This led to pushing and shoving. Both were escorted outside by bouncers.

Once outside, police say the 24-year-old ripped off his shirt, flexed his muscles and tried to attack the other man he'd kissed. After punching him, he fled, but was caught by police.

An officer had to get out his pepper spray because of an angry crowd that had gathered around the suspect. The 24-year-old was taken away and given a $177 fine.

Last week police also:

  • Arrested a 49-year-old local woman for drunk driving Tuesday night at the Wildcat Hockey Center, 861 E. Cemetery Road. The woman, who had a small dog in her car, had run into a sign while apparently trying to park. She was described as incoherent and disoriented, taken to the hospital and soon arrested. Her dog was taken to the police station and given food and water.
  • Arrested a 22-year-old woman for drunk driving in the 100 block of West Park Street at 1:45 a.m. Sunday. The woman's car was parked but idling with the lights on for 20 minutes. An officer checked and found the female driver inside passed out and sick. The transmission was still in drive. The officer woke the woman, put her car in park and turned off the engine. The woman later refused to take field sobriety tests and was given a $794 fine.
  • Were called to the River Falls Golf Club last week Tuesday afternoon where an employee there found a dead dog wrapped in a trash bag inside a recycling dumpster. It was later determined by a local vet that the full-grown black lab male without a collar had had severe injuries likely caused by a high-speed collision with a car not long before it was found in the dumpster.
  • Investigating a St. Paul cabby being stiffed of his $85 cab fare after driving a man to River Falls late Friday afternoon. During the ride the 19-year-old suspect said, oops, he had no money, but had cash to pay on a table inside his home in the 200 block of Church Street. After being dropped off the suspect slipped behind the house and wasn't seen again. The cabby waited 20 minutes before calling police. The suspect's tracks led to State Street and then couldn't be followed. It was later found the suspect had allegedly stolen jewelry from family members in Minnesota and was on court-ordered probation in that state.

    For more Police Beat, please read the Feb. 10 print edition of the River Falls Journal.

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