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Drinking does not enhance winter driving

A 21-year-old local driver was found lodged in a snowbank near Grove and Maple streets at 8 a.m. Sunday. Head leaning against the side window, he appeared to have passed out. An officer rapping on the window finally got his attention. The man said what he last remembered was heading to a friend's house. He wound up arrested, as were a handful of other motorists this past week for driving while drunk.

Police also:

  • Arrested a 19-yer-old local man for drunk driving and refusing all sobriety tests after his car slid across the road, turned and landed in a ditch by a tree in the 1300 block of Golf View Drive at 1:30 a.m. Monday. The suspect allegedly got out, confirmed that his car was stuck in snow, and made a run for it up the wooded hill toward the highway bypass. Pursuing officers convinced him to return. His hands were cut and bloody from pulling on trees to leverage his upward climb. The man refused to call anyone to come pick him up at the police station and was taken to county jail in Ellsworth.
  • Arrested a 42-year-old local mom for drunk driving with two young kids in her SUV late Saturday night on East Division Street near North Wasson Lane. The woman allegedly drifted into the shoulder and hit a parked car. The crash left partial road blockage but fortunately neither she nor her children were hurt. Her vehicle was towed. The woman was issued a fine of $1,046 and released to the sober care of her husband.
  • Arrested a 41-year-old woman for drunk driving while northbound on South Main Street entering the downtown at 12:30 a.m. last Wednesday. Officers took a complaint about the woman allegedly drifting into other lanes. She was from out of state, which may explain why when asked if she could find a sober ride to come pick her up, said she didn't know anybody to call in St. Louis.
  • Arrested a 22-year-old UW-RF student for stealing a large "Joe Boles for county judge" campaign sign near the Main/Cascade intersection at 2:15 a.m. Monday. Pierce County Sheriff's Deputy Joe Smith, a River Falls native, allegedly caught the student with the sign and turned him over to police. The student appeared intoxicated and said he wanted to keep the sign. He wasn't allowed to but was instead given a $240 fine.
  • Are investigating the mystery pranksters who somehow ascended the marquee at Falls Theatre late at night over the weekend and rearranged the movie letters to read, "Peeing in da air." One of the letters was damaged. Did several pranksters hoist themselves upon each other's shoulders to reach the top of the marquee or did someone bring a ladder? It's unknown at this point.

    There's more to read in Police Beat. Check it out in the Jan. 27 print edition of the River Falls Journal.

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