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Wife goes after husband with Samurai sword

River Falls police were sent to a home on West Johnson Street early Sunday where a naked woman was chasing her husband with a katana - often called a Samurai sword. Officers found the 30-year-old woman holed up in the basement. After some persuading and with one officer aiming a stun gun at her, she finally dropped the sword.

A female Pierce County Sheriff's deputy assisted in getting the woman dressed.

The suspect was described as incoherent. She sang, said she was trying to move objects with her mind, worried that Satan would take over her body but that George Carlin was alive and is God, and that she wanted to take a spaceship to the moon for a concert with dead rock musicians Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison.

While the woman said she and her husband smoked pot the night before, there was no indication drug use brought on the wild, violent behavior.

The woman's two small children were upstairs sleeping. The disturbance woke and upset them. A grandmother came to take them away.

The woman was eventually transported to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation. She could face charges from the district attorney for endangering safety with a weapon.

In other news, police continue to look for leads in two recent unsolved robberies:

  • Of a female driver in the Schwan's parking lot, 1050 Benson St. in the city's industrial park, on Friday night, Nov. 20. The male suspect took cash and held a tire iron.
  • Of a female college student outside her rental house at 1047 E. Cascade Ave. on Friday night, Dec. 4, as she went to her parked car. The male suspect attacked from behind and held a sharp object against the woman. He took her purse and ran northwest toward the veterinary hospital.

    If you have information on either of these crimes, please call investigator John Wilson right away at 425-0909.

    For more, read Police Beat in the Dec. 16 print edition of the River Falls Journal.

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