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Schachtner defeats Jarchow in special election

Two women slugged, hurt at weekend house party

A 20-year-old Farmington, Minn., man was arrested for substantial battery, underage drinking and property damage for allegedly attacking three people, including two women, at a late Friday night party at 120 S. Main St. Wearing a Mutant Ninja Turtle T-shirt, the suspect reportedly punched each woman in the face - knocking off and breaking the glasses of one, and chipping the tooth of another and knocking her to the floor where she briefly passed out.

Another victim was a 20-year-old River Falls man who had come to the women's rescue. He and several others tried to kick the suspect out of the house, before he too took a blow to the face.

Police came quickly and arrested the male suspect. He was said to be intoxicated and was already wanted by the state Department of Corrections on a warrant.

The fighting was said to started after the man groped one of the women at the party. She yelled at him to stop and he allegedly called her a "stupid bitch" before attacking her.

Police this past week also:

  • Arrested a 40-year-old River Falls man for his fourth drunk driving violation. It came last Wednesday afternoon when he allegedly bumped into another driver from a parking spot at the local Kwik Trip.
  • Arrested a 17-year-old Roberts boy for allegedly throwing a pumpkin through the rear window of a parked car last Thursday night in the 1300 block of Bartosh Lane. The boy, who had several unidentified passengers, was spotted by someone walking nearby who called police with a description of the suspect vehicle and license plate.
  • Arrested a 20-year-old Hudson man for breaking into a locked apartment in the 200 block of West Johnson Street Saturday night and then falling asleep on a couch. The man broke a door down to get in. When the two female tenants returned to their burglarized home and found the suspect, whom they knew, asleep, they demanded that he leave. Police picked him up shortly after.
  • Arrested a 26-year-old homeless man for a Hudson shoplifting warrant Saturday afternoon. The man, carrying a suitcase, asked a female clerk at the Dollar General Store on North Main Street for a ride to Prescott. She was scared and called police. The man later apologized for scaring the woman, saying he was coming from St. Croix Falls and wanted to find work and a place to settle down to live in Prescott. He was taken instead to St. Croix County Jail.
  • Investigated some weekend vandalism at Glen Park. Historic Swinging Bridge was spraypainted with a profanity while swastika graffiti and a hate message were left on the empty outdoor pool.
  • A reminder that police have recovered and are holding 73 unclaimed bicycles since early this year. If you think one might be yours, come to the police station during weekday hours. Be prepared to give a description of your missing bike so you can rightfully claim it.

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