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Wife claims being attacked twice within hours

The wife of a 46-year-old local man said she was beaten twice in the same night by her husband - once when he came home jealous because he couldn't reach her by phone, and then a second time after being released from jail after the first attack. The couple lives in the new subdivision just east of the hospital.

River Falls police were first called to the home Friday night. The woman, barefoot and wearing pajamas, met officers in the driveway. She claimed her husband had pulled her out of bed, then kicked and punched her face and head before she snuck out the back door to call 911.

The husband, found inside, was forcibly handcuffed. He'd been drinking but said the accusations against him were absurd.

After being taken to and released from county jail in Hudson, he allegedly came back to his home, and, angry with his wife for calling the police the first time, tore the phone from her hands and punched her repeatedly. The woman said she was in pain and feared for her safety.

The husband drove off. Officers found him later in a downtown bar. He again denied touching his wife, said he was unaware there was a 72-hour no-contact provision for seeing her, and that had just returned for his vehicle.

For the second time, he was taken to St. Croix County Jail. Both incidents have been sent to the district attorney for charges.

Also last week, police:

  • Looked around for and finally arrested a 23-year-old Hammond man for driving across wet yards and the grounds of Rocky Branch Elementary School late Friday night. The man, who allegedly had been drinking, caused excessive damage by leaving deep tracks and ruts. The case will go to the Pierce County district attorney for possible felony charges.
  • Arrested a 35-year-old Menomonie man, reportedly a staff member at UW-Stout, for disorderly conduct at a downtown bar. The man was being kicked out for disturbing patrons. He allegedly went after a male bartender, allegedly elbowing him in the face. Outside on Main Street he had to be restrained from continuing the fight. Officers later found him across the street at another bar. When questioned, he claimed it was all nothing but a big misunderstanding. The man was released after being given a $177 fine.
  • Questioned and finally sent a 16-year-old city of River Falls boy to a secure juvenile detention facility in Eau Claire for allegedly scribbling a message about killing people on a stall in the a bathroom at the high school last week Wednesday morning. The boy is a student there.

    For more, please read Police Beat in the B section or the Oct. 28 River Falls Journal.

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