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More costly noises for downtown bar

The loud noise citations are piling up for Coach's Bar, 127 S. Main St. Again over the weekend, responding to a couple of complaints by upstairs tenants, a patrol officer gave the bar a fine. Coach's owner Logan Moon was away, so one of his employees left in charge got hit with the $114 citation.

Moon has received at least a half-dozen such fines the past few weeks. Police Chief Roger Leque has said he will file a complaint that will be heard at the Oct. 27 City Council meeting.

Once the complaint is heard, the council could revoke the bar's liquor license.

During the most recent noise complaint, an officer went upstairs and said the floor was vibrating under his feet and that he could hear every word of lyrics being sung from the downstairs bar music. This was late Saturday night.

In other police action during the last week:

--Three local motorists were arrested for drunk driving. Two were repeat offenders allegedly driving without valid licenses. One driver was allegedly driving in the dark without headlights or being buckled up. Another was weaving on North Main Street and nearly collided with a driver going the opposite way. The other driver became so upset during field sobriety tests that he stopped doing them, saying he drove this way all the time, was a local resident with a wife and child, and that the police were ruining his life.

  • Cited a 23-year-old Hudson man for unreasonable/imprudent speeding at Winter and Falls streets at 2:25 a.m. Sunday. The man allegedly accelerated so fast from a stop sign that he spun his 2006 Audi out of control, crashing into a curb. The car wouldn't run, had to be towed, and the unfortunate driver also got hit with a $126.60 fine.
  • Cited an 18-year-old man for marijuana possession. The young man's parents called police about the alleged marijuana find involving their son at home. When questioned, the suspect said he was carrying the pot for a group of his buddies who were smoking the marijuana earlier in a front yard on South Sixth Street. When the group dispersed, he was left carrying the bag with 3.1 grams of marijuana which he brought home. He was ticketed for $177.

    For more, please read Police Beat in B Section of the Oct. 21 print edition of the River Falls Journal.

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