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Man arrested for sexual assault of a child

Following an investigation, River Falls police arrested and jailed a 37-year-old local man Friday for sexually assaulting a child at the man's home this past summer. A county social worker assisted the alleged female victim while she was questioned. Various DNA samples were taken. The arrestee is an Egyptian who came to the U.S. after marrying a River Falls woman.

The man denied accusations that include inappropriate touching, fondling and sexual gratification. He is being held in Pierce County Jail on a $10,000 cash bond.

During the past week police also:

  • Arrested a 49-year-old man and his 19-year-old daughter at their house in the 1400 block of West Division Street -- he for disorderly conduct, she for criminal damages to property. The daughter claimed her father was drinking and abusive. She allegedly took away his cigarettes and booze and broke dishes in the kitchen. He allegedly drove a pickup truck into her parked car and pushed it over an embankment in their yard. Both were finally taken to jail.
  • Arrested a 44-year-old local man for allegedly walking out of EconoFoods with some $200 worth of unpaid groceries and beer. The suspect wasn't caught right away but his actions were captured on the store's surveillance video. When an officer visited the man at his home next day, he apologized, saying he had been drinking at a downtown bar, watching the Badger-Gopher college football game before leaving and apparently stopping for food and drink. The man said he woke later next to some chicken and mashed potatoes, which he assumed he'd bought. Not so, said the officer, who gave him a $177 shoplifting fine plus restitution to compensate EconoFoods.
  • Fined the owner of Coach's Bar again several times for excessive noise. More complaints are coming in from upstairs tenants that the bar's booming music is making it impossible to talk or sleep. The owner was also fined for the same violation the week before.
  • Investigated the battery at Comforts of Home assisted living facility of a 31-year-old female staff member who was allegedly knocked out by a 79-year-old male resident with Alzheimer's. The worker was helping the man in the bathroom when he apparently struck her in some way. After she fell he may have kicked her. The woman was taken by ambulance to the hospital where she was treated for a concussion and spinal injury. The male resident was later removed from the facility. Because of his mental condition, criminal charges seem doubtful.
  • Investigated extensive spraypaint graffiti at Meyer Middle School that included swastikas. Marks were left on the school building, sidewalks, shed, concession stand, tennis court, baseball dugouts and other places. Thanks to the school's surveillance video, three teenage boys were caught and questioned. They are expected to be given citations that include restitution for cleanup costs projected to be in the thousands of dollars.

    For more, please turn to Police Beat in the Oct. 7 print edition of the River Falls Journal.

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