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Handcuffed, vodka-drinking student crashes through window

An 18-year-old UW-River Falls student from Baldwin was arrested a second time on campus late Saturday night and hospitalized after running through a plate-glass window at May Hall. At the time the student was already handcuffed after his first arrest -- this, for drinking from a bottle of vodka outside Johnson Hall in front of a police officer.

Saturday was the university's homecoming, and River Falls police were kept very busy writing out scores of tickets and making arrests of college students for drinking-related violations.

The 18-year-old who led officers on a lengthy chase between the dorms was at one point cheered on by students inside May Hall. They reportedly yelled: "Run, Jordan, run!"

During the chase the student was also hit in the face with a dose of pepper spray as he pushed by one of the officers.

After running into the window and bleeding profusely, the student allegedly still had to be restrained by officers who tried to render first aid.

The case has gone to the Pierce County district attorney for charges.

This past week, River Falls police also:

--Cited the owner of Coach's Bar downtown for loud and unnecessary noise at 1:30 a.m. Saturday. An upstairs tenant complained about the jarring music being played so late in the bar. An investigating officer agreed and issued the fine.

--Fined a 31-year-old local man for disorderly conduct in the early morning hours Sunday at the Corner Saloon Bar. A bartender there said the man kept harassing a male bar patron about his ponytail. This led to a disturbance and the man and another patron who was only 19 were kicked out. A bar stool was tossed in the street and flowerpots outside the saloon were upended. The 19-year-old suspect was also fined for disorderly conduct and underage drinking.

--Fined a 22-year-old Minnesota man, who was with his girlfriend, for public urination in the entryway to Coach's Bar at 2:45 a.m. Saturday. The suspect refused to be detained by a police sergeant and another officer was called to assist. The suspect kept resisting both officers, yelling at them to stay away from his pockets, his wallet and to quit touching his groin. Finally, he was subdued by an officer's Taser gun. He behaved better after the tasing, was given a $114 fine and released to friends.

--Cited a 21-year-old Shakopee, Minn., man for littering in the 200 block of South Third Street at 10:45 p.m. Friday. The man and his buddy supposedly dropped their cans of beer in a residential yard. Told to pick up their beers, one did and one didn't. The Shakopee man who refused and walked away was detained by an officer and given a fine. He didn't like this, and confronted the officer about his ticket, claiming he was the victim of racism and was going to call President Obama to complain about the racial atmosphere in River Falls.

--Ticketed a 20-year-old Inver Grove Heights, Minn., man after midnight Saturday in the 500 block of South Sixth Street for underage drinking and obstruction for lying about his name. The 20-year-old later phoned the on-duty police sergeant to say he couldn't pay the two fines totaling more than $400 because he was just a poor college student. The sergeant told him it wasn't good to lie to police and that he should explain his plight to the municipal court judge.

--Picked up a 16-year-old high school student last week Tuesday for allegedly having a marijuana pipe in his pants pocket. There were indications the boy may have smoked pot before going to classes. The boy would later claim that he didn't know the pipe was in his pocket because the pants had been borrowed by another boy and just returned to him -- apparently with the offending pipe inside. School officials, the boy's mother and the police officer were not inclined to believe this explanation.

For more, please read Police Beat in the Sept. 30 print edition of the River Falls Journal.