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Schachtner defeats Jarchow in special election

Shoplifter explains cross dressing, another carries on pickle debate

A 33-year-old Minnesota man was stopped at ShopKo Sunday night for wearing a bikini bottom and white denim skirt. He also allegedly had stuffed another bikini bottom, top and bra in his pocket. None of these were paid for.

When questioned by River Falls police, the man claimed he was short on cash and was trying to get back together with his estranged wife.

The stolen bikini, bra and skirt were to be given as gifts to her.

Instead, the man could be even shorter on cash after receiving a $177 fine and paying restitution toward ShopKo for the women's clothing.

Police also had to deal with a 19-year-old Roberts female shoplifter at Dick's Fresh Market last Thursday afternoon. Her two male friends ran away so she took the rap alone.

The woman was detained by store clerks for allegedly stealing jars of dill pickles, plus peppers and a brick cheese package.

The woman only admitted to taking the brick cheese, which was found in her purse.

The other items she claimed to have brought from her home to the store. She also said store clerks were rude to her when stopping her for the theft.

The stolen merchandise was recovered and the woman was sent on her way after receiving a $177 fine.

Another ShopKo shoplifter involved an 11-year-old local girl. She was picked up for taking a can of pop last Friday afternoon.

However, evidence from the store's surveillance video has apparently linked this girl to a much bigger unsolved shoplifting theft from July when $267 worth of electronics merchandise, including a digital camera, disappeared.

The girl was a suspect then because of video images, but no one could identify her. After being caught with the stolen pop and identified, the earlier, much larger, shoplifting case may soon be solved.

ShopKo is expected to seek restitution for its losses.

Police in the last week also:

  • Arrested a 23-year-old local woman for drunk driving-2nd offense and drug paraphernalia possession Saturday night while she was southbound on the Hwy. 65/35 highway bypass. The woman drew attention to her condition because she was going very slowly, possibly because one of her tires was gone -- leaving only the rim to drive on. Field sobriety tests were stopped because she allegedly kept stumbling and almost falling into traffic.
  • Cited a 22-year-old Prescott man for public urination downtown against the door of Boomer's Bar at 2:35 a.m. Sunday. The man, whose first name is John and middle name is Wayne, allegedly swore at the officer for writing him a ticket, asking if he didn't have better things to do.

    There's more to read in Police Beat, the Sept. 16 print edition of the River Falls Journal.

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