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Coach's will resume liquor sales

Coach's is reopening its bar just in time for River Falls Days.

The bar shut down July 1-10 after city council suspended its liquor license.

Coach's took the last step in reopening its bar at the Tuesday, July 8 City Council meeting. The City Council approved Coach's new liquor license agent, Jolene Miller.   

Not all city council members were in favor of Miller as the new agent.

The motion passed by a narrow 4-3 vote.

City council members David Reese, Aaron Taylor, David Cronk and Jim Nordgren voted in favor of the new agent. Dan Gulick, Diane Odeen and Scott Morrissette voted against the new agent.  

Morrissette voiced extra concern about Miller as new agent for Coach's.

"In my mind, the agent we are asked to be considering won’t do much to change what’s going on there and for that reason I can’t support her as the new agent,” said Morrissette. “I just think we’re going to get the same thing.”

Miller countered Morrissette's statement. She said she feels competent being the new agent and understands her responsibilities. 

“I never did tell the agent that I purchased any alcohol from any other retailers,” said Miller. “I have never partaken in that sort of thing.”

Editor's note: In the July 10 print edition of the River Falls Journal, the above quote from Scott Morrissette, alderperson at large, was incorrectly attributed to Scot Simpson, city administrator.