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Celebrity buys therapy dog for fall victim

Remember Teagan Marti? She's the girl who's finally walking again after she fell 100 feet from a ride at Extreme World at Wisconsin Dells three years ago.

Teagan is now 15 and recently received help from actor Charlie Sheen. He donated $10,000 yesterday for a therapy dog to help Teagan with her rehab.

Lucia Wilgus, who lives in Eau Claire and became friends with the Marti family after Teagan's accident, got the wheels rolling on this one. She's been raising funds for a therapy dog.

Wilgus contacted a family friend - who happens to be Sheen's godfather - and he made a pitch to the actor, asking for $6,000, but Sheen decided to give $10,000 for extra costs.

The dog is being trained in Fond du Lac to be Teagan's constant companion and do tasks for her. Sheen doesn't often talk about his charitable activities but spoke about this and said he likes to pay it forward.

Sheen also wanted to encourage more people to donate.

Teagan's mother couldn't believe Sheen's gift. Her daughter will receive the dog on her next birthday in September. She hasn't named it yet, but Sheen suggested the name "Charlie."