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He's my brother...don't remind him

A 44-year-old local man was arrested and jailed for substantial battery and disorderly conduct Sunday morning after allegedly beating up his 50-year-old brother. The two men live together but clearly weren't getting along. The older brother, the victim, wound up with a bloody gash above the eye that needed medical attention.

The older brother claimed his younger brother grabbed him by the hair and slugged him repeatedly in the forehead. His glasses shattered from the impact.

For his part, the younger brother claimed he couldn't take it anymore - couldn't take his older brother's drinking and various complaints about their living arrangements, including how he parked in the driveway.

River Falls police describe the younger brother as clear and calm as he allegedly admitted to punching his brother. They also said it was evident that the older brother was intoxicated.

The older brother was given domestic abuse shelter literature from the local Turningpoint. He also signed a 72-hour no-contact order against his younger brother.

Last week police also:

--Arrested a 30-year-old local woman last Thursday morning for drunk driving-3rd offense on the Hwy. 35 bypass near the hospital after she careened into a ditch. The woman's offense was compounded because she had a five-year-old child who wasn't in a proper carseat. This latest drunk driving charge against the woman is a felony. By the time she was taken to jail in Hudson, the woman was described as uncooperative.

--Arrested a local man for property damage downtown last week after midnight. The man, celebrating his 21st birthday, emerged from a bar and allegedly kicked a parked car and swung his arm wildly, taking out a glass door at Midwest Appraisal. The car was dented, the glass in the door was broken.

--Arrested a 21-year-old Champlin, Minn., man for disorderly conduct at Boomer's Bar at 2 a.m. Sunday. The man had been kicked out of the bar, but kept trying to get back in, pounding on the front door and window. When an officer turned him around for handcuffing, the man flung himself dramatically over a parked van. Asked what he was doing, the man admitted he watches too many cop movies.

For more details, please read Police Beat in the print edition of the Aug. 18 River Falls Journal.