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Miller Brewing exec murdered in Milwaukee

A Miller Brewing executive was killed at a popular Milwaukee night spot over the weekend.

Now, some folks wonder if it will make Miller and Coors put their headquarters in Colorado, once they combine their U.S. beer-making operations next year.

Vic Milford, 43, Miller's director of compensation and benefits, was shot to death during a robbery in the Walker's Point nightclub area.

It happened about 1:10 a.m. Saturday morning, right after he left a bar, in an area where Milwaukee Police say such crimes are rare.

Police are still looking for a suspect.

Milford is from South Africa, where Miller's parent company is located.

He moved to Milwaukee in 2005 to take the Miller job.

About two dozen friends held a candlelight vigil for him last night in Walker's Point.

Miller says the company is grieving the loss of one of its dearest employees.

The company won't comment on whether it will have an effect on where the Miller-Coors operation eventually locates.