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Youths tied to stray bullet incident

An errant bullet fired form a .22 rifle that hit a woman at a Somerset Campground has been linked through ballistics to a pair of youths plinking in the area.

St. Croix County Sheriff John Shilts said Friday the slugs from the incident matched up with the guns two young men who were shooting in the woods. "Both boys involved turned out to be 16-years-old, so the matter has been turned over to juvenile authorities," Shilts said.

The sheriff's incident report said Krystal M. Anderson, 21, Buffalo, Minn., was putting up her tent about 2 p.m., June 17 when she was shot in the upper thigh of her right leg.

She was taken to a New Richmond Hospital and treated where medical personnel determined she was hit by a .22-caliber slug that lodged just under the skin causing minor damage.

Anderson told investigators she was facing southeast and believed the bullet came from the east.

Deputies search the area and found two teenaged boys had been shooting .22-caliber rifles at targets and birds about one-half-mile away.