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Lawyer will get to hear a sealed recording of 911 call made by murder victim Brittany Zimmermann

The courts are still refusing to release a 911 call made by University of Wisconsin-Madison student Brittany Zimmermann just before she was murdered 19 months ago.

But an attorney who represents Zimmermann's family will get to hear the call, so he can prepare for the family's lawsuit against Dane County and the dispatcher involved.

Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi has agreed to let attorney Robert Elliott hear it only under strict conditions.

And when it comes up in depositions in the suit, those records can be sealed. Sumi agrees that the contents of the call are generally known.

A search warrant said Zimmermann screamed, and there were sounds of a struggle. But another judge says the recording also has vital information the police can use to find Zimmermann's killer, who's still being sought. Zimmermann, a 21-year-old UW medical student from Marshfield, was stabbed to death in April of 2008 in broad daylight in her downtown Madison apartment. Former dispatcher Rita Gahagan was accused of not alerting police after the call, apparently because it was cut off prematurely.

The police didn't know about the murder until Zimmermann's boyfriend came home an hour later and called 911.

A trial in the lawsuit is tentatively set for December of next year.