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Looks like Obama White House drastically overestimated jobs saved or created by stimulus

There are signs that the Obama White House drastically overestimated the number of Wisconsin jobs created or saved by the economic stimulus program.

The government said more than 10,000 Wisconsinites have jobs thanks to what Washington has done.

But the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says almost half of those jobs were current public school positions in districts that faced revenue shortfalls before they got a boost in state stabilization funds.

And a Milwaukee school official said it was never certain that its 996 jobs that were claimed to be saved would have been cut without the extra funding.

Also, the Obama report said 113 jobs were saved in Milwaukee's United Migrant Opportunity Services, when in reality, the stimulus money just gave them a pay raise.

The Journal Sentinel found a host of reporting errors, too.

The Parkland Sanitary District near Superior accidentally added an extra zero on its report - so it was listed as adding 50 jobs instead of five.

And then, those 50 jobs were counted twice because the district received both a federal grant and a federal loan.

Elsewhere, jobs were listed as being saved even though their stimulus funding had not arrived, and their work had not begun.

Ed Pound of the federal stimulus program said his department knew there would be errors in its first report on jobs and they'll correct as many as possible in January.

But Tom Schatz of the Citizens Against Government Waste says it raises questions about the value people are getting for the stimulus program.

He says the quality of the job data is questionable, and there's no penalty for not being accurate.