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Committee gives go ahead to municipal state aid payments

Wisconsin communities that host state government facilities will get their extra state aid back.

The co-chairs of the Legislature's Joint Finance Committee said they're no longer blocking about $22 million which communities get to provide police and other local services at places like University of Wisconsin campuses.

The panel blocked those payments a few weeks ago, after a lawmaker objected.

An anonymous tip said Janesville and Kenosha got state money for providing police services to the UW campuses there when in reality, the Parkside campus has its own police force and the Janesville campus is patrolled by Rock County officers.

The finance co-chairs said the errors were being corrected and remedial action was being taken. They didn't say what it was, but earlier reports said the cities might have to give some of the money back.

Those reports said Kenosha got $355,000 more than it should have, and Janesville received $81,000 more.