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TOWN OF TROY: Notice of Ordinance Amendment

654 Glover Rd, Hudson, WI 54016

TAKE NOTICE, that Chapter 171 of the Municipal Code of the Town of Troy, the Town's Lower St. Croix Riverway Zoning Ordinance, was amended by the Town Board on November 11, 2008. The Ordinance regulates zoning and related activities in the Lower St. Croix Riverway Rural Residential Management Zone, and was first enacted on November 30, 2004.

The Ordinance has been amended to remove the separate definition and regulation of "directly facing and directly draining slope preservation zones" (previously a subcategory of "slope preservation zones"), to redefine the term "ordinary high water mark", to augment the definition of "protrudes above the bluffline", to add erosion control standards that are applicable in and near slope preservation zones, to modify filling and grading requirements for obtaining a riverway permit, to add to the vegetation preservation measures affecting non-conforming structures in the Riverway zone so that they are more specific about required vegetation mitigation measures, to modify mitigation affidavit requirements and to modify portions of the administrative section of the Ordinance that affect deadlines and notice recipients.

Full text of the Ordinance as amended may be obtained at the Town Hall, 654 Glover Road, Hudson, Wisconsin, 54016 (715-425-2665) or on the Town website:

(Pub. Nov. 20)