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Wisconsin has three probable cases of swine flu

Wisconsin now has three probable cases of swine flu - two in Milwaukee and one in Adams County.

Four Milwaukee schools have been closed indefinitely after one adult and one child got sick.

The two are not related, and officials could not say if they had contact with each other.

Milwaukee health commissioner Bevan Baker said at least one of them had contact with children in the schools that were closed, which include one high school, Riverside.

A number of those kids are reportedly getting symptoms of swine flu, but Milwaukee school spokeswoman Rosanne St. Aubin said there was not a high number of absences at the four schools.

A man was infected in the Adams County case. Media reports said he was exposed while on a trip to San Diego.

He works in Wisconsin Rapids, and is said to be doing well at home where he's been isolated.

As of Wednesday, the state had arranged tests for 144 suspected cases of swine flu.

Besides the probable cases, 41 turned up negative, and 100 cases were still pending.

The World Health Organization has raised its pandemic alert to the second-highest of its six levels, after the virus had spread to nine countries.

Health officials urge people to keep their hands clean, cover their mouths when sneezing, and avoid people with flu-like symptoms.

A University of Wisconsin-Madison study from last June was re-released Wednesday, showing that the working poor and the tourist industry would be hardest hit by a flu pandemic.