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Pork producers want us to call swine flu something else

Don't call it swine flu. That's what the Wisconsin Pork Producers are asking us.

The strain has pig, poultry and human elements but it's only being spread by people, and there's no evidence of the strain in any U.S. pigs.

Tammy Vaasenn, the operations director for the state's Pork Producers, says consumers seem to be getting the message that the virus is not spread through pork products.

Still, she says the market is taking a hit. And with consumers spending less due to the recession, it's just natural that food marketers are concerned.

Vaasenn says farm and animal health groups suggest some alternative names like hybrid influenza or North American influenza.

Some media outlets call the virus by its inside name, H1N1. Some agricultural media make no reference to the swine flu name.