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Report finds Wisconsin becoming less Christian

Wisconsin is less Christian and more secular than two decades ago.

The American Religious Identification Survey says 76 percent of Badger State residents identified themselves as Christian last year.

That's down from 91 percent in 1990.

The percentage of Wisconsinites who are Catholic fell to 29, down 10 percent over the last two decades.

The Rev. Steven Avella of Marquette University says some of the Catholic decline might be due to the growth of mega-churches which are non-denominational.

Catholic theologian Dennis Doyle of Dayton says he's not alarmed by the decline in Wisconsin. He says Pope Benedict believes that smaller numbers might produce a better quality of Catholics.

And those who have not been active Catholics may be practicing their religion in another way.

Fifteen percent of Wisconsinites did not declare a religion last year - compared to 6 percent in 1990.

Annie Laurie Gaylor of Madison's Freedom from Religion Foundation was happy about that. She says America appears to be following the path of Europe by becoming more secular.