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Library gets book back 57 years overdue

Truth be told, you've probably had at least one library book that was a few days overdue.

But in Marshfield, somebody returned a book that was 57 years overdue.

Staff members had to do some research when the 1948 book "Northern Lights" landed in the drop box a month ago.

It was most recently checked out in either March or May of 1950.

Library director Lori Belongia has no idea who took it out or who brought it back.

In the '50s, the overdue fine was a penny a day.

Now, it's a dime a day, with a maximum of $10. After that, they try to get people to reimburse the cost of the book.

Belongia says that's probably what happened decades ago.

Because the book system is now automated, Belongia says it will cost money to put it back on the shelf so they probably won't.

Roger Vercel wrote "Northern Lights." It's about the son of a French Arctic explorer who tries to decide if he wants to be an explorer or a lawyer.