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Home exterior: Final color pulls it all together

Well... here we are on the cusp of fall, wondering if there is time left to tackle that home exterior painting project. Yes, it's that time of year and there are different exterior paint bases now that will allow painting in even cooler temperatures to extend the season.

The next thought is, "how do we start?" Well, you can go to your local paint store, pick up a ton of paint color swatches, take them home, look at them and realize that none of them work. So... back to the paint store, right?

Hold on. Let me see if I can help. Here are a few suggestions to accomplish the job.

You're going straight for your favorite color. Keep in mind, it is not always the best choice for such a large area to cover and may be better used as an interior color.

You're worried it will be too bright. The best time to take a good look at your colors of choice is in the brightest sunlight of the day.It will always look different with the natural change of lighting, but it doesn't need to compensate for a gloomy, cloudy day.

What do you use to select your color scheme? Well, there's your roof, maybe some brick, doors and trim... but you're changing the doors and trim also.

Other than the mainstays on your house that you may be working with, take a look at the natural surroundings. Do you have a lot of trees in close proximity? Do you plant a lot of flowers when in season? These automatically give your home's exterior surroundings a natural color palette. What type of plants and or flowers do you use if you garden? An abundance of trees gives you green in the summer, yellow, orange and red in the fall, and yes, brown in the winter.

Usually we choose a two or three paint color combination for the exterior of our home. Either one is fine. Keep in mind, if you choose to use a three color combination, don't immediately panic if you see the first two colors as they're applied in order and think it doesn't work. The third and final color can be what pulls it all together. That's the secret to a three color paint combination!

Happy painting!