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Local man arrested and later charged with sexual assault

A 26-year-old River Falls man was picked up Saturday morning, June 1, at his apartment at 819 S. Wasson Lane after being accused of sexually assaulting a 19-year-old woman from Frederic. The two met downtown around bar-closing time and returned with others to his apartment for an after-bar party.

Sometime when the two were alone in the living room is when the assault is alleged to have occurred. Another person from the party returned and intervened on the woman's behalf.

She fled and ended up at the Holiday station on South Main Street after 4 a.m. Someone there called 911.

After seeing a nurse the woman guided police to the apartment building on South Wasson Lane where the suspect lived.

River Falls police say the man was uncooperative and wouldn't say who he was. Later, however, he denied assaulting the victim.

The man was taken to county jail in Ellsworth. He has since been charged with a felony sexual assault and with obstruction.

Police also:

--Rounded up three young men in their early 20s for going into parked cars and stealing. Some of this occurred in the 600 block of Lake Street and Sixth Street last week Tuesday, May 28, before 2 a. m.

A resident in the neighborhood tailed them in his pickup truck and led police to where one of the suspects lived at 417 S. Wasson Lane.

Officers claimed they could hear the men talking through an open window of the apartment about "car shopping" and taking small items. The men also said they were pleased the cops weren't called.

But the cops were called and soon appeared at the door. A 20-year-old woman let them in but said no one was in the apartment.

One of the suspects was soon found pretending to sleep on a couch. Another was found hiding in a closet. A third had slipped outside where he was caught.

A GPS unit, allegedly stolen, was sitting on a coffee table. A few other stolen items were allegedly recovered.

The 21-year-old man found hiding in the closet lived in the apartment. He was wanted for a St. Croix County warrant and a felony probation hold. He was taken to jail.

All three men were given $240 theft citations. Two will be asked to pay damage restitution. The woman who answered the door was cited for obstruction.

--Cited an 18-year-old Hudson man for marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession Saturday afternoon, June 1, in the parking lot of Family Fresh supermarket, 303 S. Main St. Officers responded to a complaint of young people loitering and smoking pot outside.

Two 18-year-old men were later found downtown. Their SUV was in the supermarket's parking lot, windows rolled down a little and allegedly reeking of pot smoke.

While both men allegedly had been smoking, the one Hudson man said the marijuana belonged to him. An 8-ounce bag of it was allegedly found in the vehicle on the passenger side with a pipe.

The man said he'd been smoking marijuana since 7th grade. He was given municipal citations totaling $344.

There's more in Police Beat, which appears each week in the print edition of the River Falls Journal.