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River Falls sign has seven lives!

Phil Pfuehler photo.

For anyone wondering if the road construction project at Radio Road and Hwy. 35N., which includes extending Paulson Road to Radio, would require demolishing the River Falls welcome sign, the answer is NO.

City Engineer Reid Wronski said the big sign at the entrance to the city on Hwy. 35 will remain untouched, even as earth is moved and nearby pine trees are cut down.

Referring to the Paulson Road extension northward, Wronski says: "The road alignment was adjusted to avoid taking the sign out."

Wronkski says that recent heavy rains forced some delay on the project. Work is also on hold now for the long Memorial Day weekend.

The thrust of the two-year project is building an overpass at Radio Road and Hwy. 35, plus interchanges and roundabouts.

Radio Road will be closed to Hwy. 35 traffic later this summer.