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Young man: Were you delivering pizzas or pot?

River Falls police arrested a 22-year-old local man for drug paraphernalia possession last week Wednesday, May 1. Officers were acting on a tip from Hudson police that the man, a local pizza driver, might also be making marijuana deliveries.

The man was searched and questioned at his apartment. Police only turned up a metal grinder with marijuana residue, plus a big plastic baggy with more marijuana residue.

The man allegedly told officers the stuff they recovered was old, that he doesn't do dope anymore.

He was still given a $177 municipal citation for drug paraphernalia possession.

Police also:

--Arrested a 66-year-old rural River Falls man for drunk driving before 8 p.m. Friday, May 3. A woman driver followed the man in his black pickup truck because it was allegedly weaving across lanes while leaving the downtown and heading out on Hwy. 29. Pierce County Sheriff's Deputies assisted, since the pickup driver wasn't found and stopped until beyond the city limits at 910th Street. The man, aside from being cited $844 for drunk driving, automatically lost his driver's license because he refused to take an evidentiary chemical test.

--Arrested a 37-year-old Eau Claire man who wouldn't leave a woman's home at 454 Griffey St. last Thursday evening, May 2. The woman said the man had overstayed his welcome. The man said he had no wheels, no place to go. The woman said the man also seized a large butcher knife, made threats about using it and stuffed it into his waistband as he walked around. He was eventually taken to county jail in Ellsworth for disorderly conduct and for a violating terms of his court-ordered probation.

There is more. Please find the rest in Police Beat of the May 9 print edition of the River Falls Journal.